Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Smelson's C19 news for 4.14.2020

Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/14/2020


  • Says the curve has been flattened in NY if we continue to be careful.

  • God did not stop the spread of the virus. Our behavior stopped the spread.

  • Testing is key to reopening.

  • Phased re-opening, expanding the list of essential businesses, is the plan forward.

  • Cuomo beat around the bush when asked directly, twice, about the capacity for testing in NY.

  • Cuomo brings up The Constitution and the balance of power between states and the fed. He says the reality is exactly the opposite of what Trump said yesterday. The President shouldn’t even think of going there.

  • If he ordered me to reopen in a way that would endanger the health of NY citizens I wouldn’t do it.

  • Says Trump needs to act in a cooperative manner, not a dictatorial manner.

News on the rapid testing

  • The Abbot machine exists.

  • The machines are out in the public but there is a particular test that needs to accompany the machines and these are in very limited supply.

  • 556K of the tests have been sent out.


  • NY has reached the apex, the curve is coming down.

  • ICU admissions, intubations are down.

  • Continues to call for social distancing.

  • Discusses how the 7 states he’s partnered with have to work in concert.

  • Refutes the statement by Trump about the President’s powers over the states and his involvement in the determination about how and when to reopen the economy.

  • Explains the basics of our governmental structure. The balance between the state and federal governments are the basis of our Constitution. We don’t have a king.

  • The states gave certain powers to the fed. Mentions ascendancy, reproachments, and how federal control of the states is repugnant.

  • Discusses Trump tweets this morning discussing how he’s not happy with Governors and he mentions mutiny. Cuomo says this is not the time for politics.

  • Cuomo says sometimes its better to walk away from a fight than engaging. The President will have no fight with me. I will not engage.

  • Get past yourself and think about society, and your family.

  • Wonders how we’re going to get re-opened if we can only test 50K people per month.

Obama in his Joe Biden Endorsement.

  • If you didn’t watch it, please do. Here is a link: Obama
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-s3ANu4eMs">Obama

  • Leadership, honesty, empathy, humility and grace are needed on the national level, and that’s why he’s endorsing Joe Biden.

  • He’ll surround himself with people who understand how to run a government, and think of the people rather than themselves.

  • The vast economic inequalities in the US existing before this pandemic, but the pandemic brought them to light. The people who truly make our economy run have been underpaid and economically stressed for too long.

  • People who will be graduating college with the highest unemployment in history are going to need support, and faith in the future. We need to do more than tinker around the edges with tax credits.

  • One thing everyone has come to realize by now, is that the current administration isn’t interested in progress. They’re interested in power.

  • They’ve ignored the bedrocks of our democracy.

  • This crisis has reminded us that good government matters. That facts and science matter. That the rule of law matters. That’s having leaders who are informed and honest, that seek to bring people together, rather than drive us apart, matter. This election matters.

  • Editorial – I miss Obama. It’s amazing how quickly you forget what a real self-aware, intelligent, empathetic leader sounds like. I think when Trump was saying that there’s a reason Obama hadn’t come out to endorse Joe yet he had no idea what Obama was waiting for. Obama, per his post months ago, was waiting for the primaries to show who the winner would be and he committed to endorsing whomever the party chose. That’s why Obama was waiting to endorse Biden.

  • Trump Presser

    • Holds the conference in the Rose Garden.

    • Instructed his staff to halt funding for the WHO.

    • Explains the failures of the WHO and why he’s withholding funding.

    • Blames a lot of what China did/didn’t do on the WHO.

    • Goes into how no patient has been denied a ventilator and then says who ridiculous it was that a state asked for 40K ventilators.

    • Blames the states for not being prepared.

    I ran to My Big Greek Café in Kensington to get some dinner and had the press conference on the entire time. It took me 45 minutes and nothing of real substance was stated.

    • Trump talked about a bunch of corporate people who were going to presumably be on the committee to determine how best to get American back to business.

    • Made it clear that he doesn’t like being told what he can and can’t do with regards to executive authority as it applies to getting states reopened. Stated that he would use he power, if necessary to prevent states from opening too soon, not to force them to open earlier than he thinks they should.

    And….that’s a wrap….except for this list of the people/companies who are going to be involved in the re-opening of America:

    Office of the Press Secretary

    April 14, 2020

    President Donald J. Trump Announces
    Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups

    Today, President Donald J. Trump announced many of the esteemed executives, economists, scholars, and industry leaders who together will form various Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups.  These bipartisan groups of American leaders will work together with the White House to chart the path forward toward a future of unparalleled American prosperity.  The health and wealth of America is the primary goal, and these groups will produce a more independent, self-sufficient, and resilient Nation.


    ·  American Farm Bureau Federation – Zippy Duvall

    ·  Sysco Corporation – Kevin Hourican

    ·  Tyson Foods, Inc. – Dean Banks

    ·  Perdue Farms, Inc. – Randy Day

    ·  Cargill, Inc. – David MacLennan

    ·  Archer-Daniels-Midland Company – Juan Luciano

    ·  Corteva Agriscience – Jim Collins

    ·  Tractor Supply Company – Hal Lawton

    ·  Seaboard Corporation – Steven Bresky

    ·  Grimmway Farms – Barbara Grimm

    ·  Mountaire Farms – Ronnie Cameron


    ·  Bank of America – Brian Moynihan

    ·  JPMorgan Chase – Jamie Dimon

    ·  Goldman Sachs – David Solomon

    ·  Citigroup – Michael Corbat

    ·  Wells Fargo – Charles Scharf

    ·  U.S. Bancorp – Andrew Cecere

    ·  Morgan Stanley – James Gorman

    ·  Grand Rapids State Bank – Noah Wilcox

    ·  Southern Bancorp – Darrin Williams


    ·  International Union of Operating Engineers – Jim Callahan

    ·  North America’s Building Trades Union – Sean McGarvey

    ·  Laborers’ International Union of North America – Terry O’Sullivan

    ·  International Brotherhood of Teamsters – Jim Hoffa

    ·  National Electrical Contractors Association – David Long

    ·  Bechtel – Brendan Bechtel

    ·  Fluor – Carlos Hernandez

    ·  National Association of Home Builders – Jerry Howard

    ·  Associated Builders and Contractors – Michael Bellaman

    ·  Associated General Contractors – Stephen Sandherr

    ·  AFL-CIO – Richard Trumka

    ·  GH Palmer – Geoff Palmer


    ·  Lockheed Martin – Marilyn Hewson

    ·  Honeywell – Darius Adamczyk

    ·  Northrop Grumman – Kathy Warden

    ·  Raytheon – Gregory J. Hayes

    ·  General Dynamics – Phoebe Novakovic


    ·  ExxonMobil – Darren Woods

    ·  Continental Resources – Harold Hamm

    ·  Chevron – Mike Wirth

    ·  Southern Company – Tom Fanning

    ·  Alabama Power – Mark Crosswhite

    ·  ConocoPhillips – Ryan Lance

    ·  Occidental Petroleum – Vicki Hollub

    ·  Kinder Morgan – Steven Kean

    ·  Hess Corporation – John Hess

    ·  Perot Group and Hillwood – Ross Perot Jr.

    Financial Services

    ·  Blackstone – Stephen Schwarzman

    ·  Paulson & Co. – John Paulson

    ·  Citadel LLC – Kenneth Griffin

    ·  Elliott Management – Paul Singer

    ·  Vista Equity Partners – Robert Smith

    ·  Fidelity Investments – Abigail Johnson

    ·  Mastercard – Ajay Banga

    ·  Visa – Al Kelly

    ·  Chubb – Evan Greenberg

    ·  Sequoia Capital – Doug Leone

    ·  Stephens, Inc. – Warren Stephens

    ·  Charles Schwab – Chuck Schwab

    Food & Beverage

    ·  National Restaurant Association – Marvin Irby

    ·  McDonald's – Chris Kempczinski

    ·  Darden Restaurants – Gene Lee Jr.

    ·  Coca-Cola – James Quincey

    ·  PepsiCo – Ramon Laguarta

    ·  Chick-fil-A – Dan Cathy

    ·  Subway – John Chidsey

    ·  Bloomin’ Brands – David Deno

    ·  YUM! Brands – David Gibbs

    ·  Papa Johns – Rob Lynch

    ·  Wendy’s – Todd Penegor

    ·  Waffle House – Walt Ehmer

    ·  Starbucks – Kevin Johnson

    ·  Wolfgang Puck

    ·  Thomas Keller

    ·  Jean-Georges Vongerichten

    ·  Daniel Boulud

    ·  M Crowd Restaurant – Ray Washburne

    ·  Jimmy John’s Founder - Jimmy John Liautaud


    ·  NewYork-Presbyterian – Jerry Speyer

    ·  HCA Healthcare – Sam Hazen

    ·  Ascension Health – Joseph R. Impicciche

    ·  CommonSpirit Health – Lloyd H. Dean

    ·  Community Health Systems – Wayne Smith

    ·  Trinity Health – Benjamin Carter

    ·  Cardinal Health – Mike Kaufmann

    ·  McKesson – Brian Tyler

    ·  3M – Mike Roman

    ·  Procter & Gamble – David S. Taylor

    ·  Abbott Laboratories – Robert Ford

    ·  Johnson & Johnson – Alex Gorsky

    ·  Merck – Kenneth Frazier

    ·  Pfizer – Dr. Albert Bourla

    ·  Eli Lilly and Company – Dave Ricks

    ·  Thermo Fisher Scientific – Marc Casper

    ·  Gilead Sciences – Daniel O’Day

    ·  AbbVie – Richard Gonzalez

    ·  Regeneron – Leo Schleifer

    ·  Biogen – Michel Vounatsos

    ·  Roche Diagnostics – Matthew Sause

    ·  Anthem – Gail Boudreaux

    ·  UnitedHealth Group – David Wichmann

    ·  Aetna – Karen Lynch

    ·  Cigna – David Cordani

    ·  Humana – Bruce Broussard


    ·  Las Vegas Sands Corp. – Sheldon Adelson

    ·  Marriott – Arne Sorenson

    ·  Carnival – Micky Arison

    ·  Hilton – Christopher Nassetta

    ·  Hyatt – Mark Hoplamazian

    ·  Wyndham Hotels & Resorts – Geoff Ballotti

    ·  Intercontinental Hotels Group – Elie Maalouf

    ·  Royal Caribbean – Richard Fain

    ·  Norwegian Cruise Lines – Frank Del Rio

    ·  Treasure Island Hotels – Phil Ruffin


    ·  Caterpillar – Jim Umpleby III

    ·  Deere & Company – John May

    ·  Cummins – Tom Linebarger

    ·  Dow Inc. – James Fitterling

    ·  Emerson Electric Company – David Farr

    ·  General Electric – Larry Culp

    ·  Tesla – Elon Musk

    ·  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Mike Manley

    ·  Ford Motor Company – Bill Ford

    ·   General Motors Company – Mary Barra

    ·  National Association of Manufactures – Jay Timmons

    ·  Pernod Ricard – Ann Mukherjee

    Real Estate

    ·  Simon Property Group – David Simon

    ·  Caruso – Rick Caruso

    ·  Vornado Realty Trust – Steven Roth

    ·  Related Companies – Stephen Ross

    ·  Blackstone – Jon Gray

    ·  Irvine Company – Don Bren

    ·  Starwood Capital Group – Barry Sternlicht

    ·  Witkoff Group – Steve Witkoff


    ·  Walmart – Doug McMillon

    ·  Home Depot – Craig Menear

    ·  Home Depot – Ken Langone

    ·  Home Depot – Bernie Marcus

    ·  The Kroger Co. – Rodney McMullen

    ·  Lowe’s – Marvin Ellison

    ·  Target – Brian Cornell

    ·  CVS Health – Larry Merlo

    ·  Rite Aid – Heyward Donigan

    ·  Walgreens – Stefano Pessina

    ·  Amazon – Jeff Bezos

    ·  Menards – John Menard

    ·  Best Buy – Hubert Joly

    ·  Life Time – Bahram Akradi


    ·  Apple – Tim Cook

    ·  Google (Alphabet Inc) – Sundar Pichai

    ·  Oracle – Larry Ellison

    ·  Oracle – Safra Catz

    ·  Salesforce – Marc Benioff

    ·  SAP – Jen Morgan

    ·  Microsoft – Satya Nadella

    ·  Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg

    ·  IBM – Arvind Krishna

    ·  Intel – Bob Swan

    ·  Qualcomm – Steven Mollenkopf

    ·  Cisco – Chuck Robbins

    ·  Advanced Micro Devices – Lisa Su

    ·  Broadcom – Hock Tan

    ·  Micron – Sanjay Mehrotra


    ·  Liberty Media – John Malone

    ·  Verizon – Hans Vestberg

    ·  T-Mobile – Mike Sievert

    ·  Charter Communications – Thomas Rutledge

    ·  Comcast – Brian Roberts

    ·  Altec – Lee Styslinger


    ·  FedEx – Fred Smith

    ·  United Airlines – Oscar Munoz

    ·  UPS – David Abney

    ·  J.B. Hunt – John Roberts III

    ·  YRC Worldwide – Darren Hawkins

    ·  Crowley Maritime – Tom Crowley Jr.


    ·  NBA – Adam Silver

    ·  MLB – Rob Manfred

    ·  NFL – Roger Goodell

    ·  UFC – Dana White

    ·  PGA – Jay Monahan

    ·  LPGA – Mike Whan

    ·  USTA – Patrick Galbraith

    ·  MLS – Don Garber

    ·  WWE – Vince McMahon

    ·  NASCAR – Lesa Kennedy

    ·  NHL – Gary Bettman

    ·  New England Patriots – Bob Kraft

    ·  Dallas Cowboys – Jerry Jones

    ·  Dallas Mavericks – Mark Cuban

    ·  WNBA – Cathy Engelbert

    ·  NWSL - Lisa Baird

    Thought Leaders/Groups

    ·  John Allison

    ·  Kay Coles James

    ·  Condoleezza Rice

    ·  Art Laffer

    ·  Steve Moore

    ·  Steve Forbes

    ·  Larry Lindsey

    ·  Catherine Reynolds

    ·  Jim DeMint

    ·  Bill Hagerty

    ·  Scott Gottlieb


    Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome

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