Monday, April 13, 2020

Smelson's C19 News for 4.13.2020

Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/13/2020

Cuomo Presser

  • The curve continues to flatten.

  • Reopening the economy needs to be done in a cooperative effort.

  • Each Governor in their group (NY, NY, CT, RI, PA, DE, will appoint a person to coordinate methodical, scientific progression/planning/reporting/coordinating.

  • It’s nice to know that Governors have the same conference call skills as most of the rest of us. 8)


  • Says he’s been working on the reopening plan for over 30 days.

  • Governors are taking the lead on the decision to reopen and will continue to do so.

  • Says they’ll be coordinating with some very smart people at the nation level, like Drs. Fauci and Birx regarding reopening.

  • Says according to the constitution this isn’t up to the Fed.

  • Letting people get back to work in an unsafe manner will not get our economy back.

  • We’ve got to listen to the doctors and scientists.

  • Tell Anderson Cooper that the last thing we need now to be talking about what went wrong or what wasn’t done let’s talk about what we can do today.

Trump Presser

  • Fauci starts by saying that of course we could have saved more lives if we started mitigation earlier. This is true.

  • Says that both times he and Birx went to Trump with advice he took it.

  • Fauci scolds a reporter for asking that he wasn’t clarifying these items voluntarily.

  • Trump – I have statistics, I like to write them down because there is so much fake news.

  • Goes into how he was brutalized by the press.

  • Shows a video with clips from various outlets saying Coronavirus isn’t going to be big deal. Mostly from Fox. Feels like a campaign video.

  • This video was an attempt to show how he has been doing a great job.

  • He mislead on his audio quote from Maggie Haberman regarding how it was the right thing to shut down access to the US from China. She immediately tweeted about how it was taken out of context. She was saying it was a Mission Accomplished point for him and he didn’t take any further action for a month.

  • We (Trump and his team) did like, a great job.

  • Says Pence told him his call with the Governors was like a 10.

  • Remember this, the Times story was a fake.

  • Trump says he got far better clips than what they showed in the video.

  • Everything we did was right.

  • Says the media is fake for confronting him about the entire month of February.

  • Take credit for coming up with the idea of decontaminating masks. I haven’t fact-checked that one, but feel free to post a link if you feel so inclined.

  • We inherited a stockpile where the cupboards were bare.

  • The President of the United States has the authority to do what the President wants to do.

  • They can’t do anything without the approval of the President.

  • We inherited a broken system.

  • When asked why there are no consequences for China he said, “How do you know there are no consequences for China? You’d be the last person I’d tell.”

  • Pence – we’re going to give the states guidance and leadership.

  • Trump – The states will cooperate perfectly.

  • Goes into how meal deductibility is going to save the restaurant industry.

This was all I could take.

Still no explanation as to what’s the problem with the 15 minute tests and no one is asking. Birx says she’s begging the labs to get them online. Not sure why they’re not online and what they’re missing.

Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome

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