Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Smelson's C19 News 4.15.2020

Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/15/2020

Through Out the Day
  • NIH says vaccine may be available in 8 months.
  • Fisher Island Florida, the zip code with the highest per-capita income in the United States, has apparently purchased enough tests so that everyone on the island, including the help, can be tested. It’s nice to have it like that. Read about it here: Fisher Island.
  • Before you give me your interpretation of your facts just give me the facts. Here are the facts – no filter, no opinion.
  • Hospitalizations are down as well as ICU admissions and intubations on a 3 day average.
  • The good news is that we can control the spread.
  • There are +2K people a day coming in and being diagnosed as C19 positive.
  • CDC has changed guidelines regarding deaths to include probably C19-related. This is done by local health depts/coroners. This is to address people who died at home and elsewhere other than in ICUs.
  • Thanks the workers for making sure that the hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. Thanks the Army Corp of Engineers. Note: He doesn’t take credit overtly or covertly.
  • NY is all-in on helping the FDA work on a vaccine.
  • Whatever drug or therapy needs to be tested NY is there to help.
  • Reopening will be based on public health safety.
  • The single best tool to calibrate opening based on public health is wide-spread testing/tracing/isolating.
  • NY has developed it’s own anti-body test and they can do 2K per day. They can scale up to 500K per week if FDA approves.
  • No one is to blame. Just how do we know do it and scale up quickly? States cannot do this on a national scale. 50 states competing against each other and the fed for the components required to test is not the answer and is not learning the lesson of what we did before.
  • The states need funding to manage the testing/tracing in order to reopen.
  • Phased re-opening will require determinations of essential status and risk of contact within the business place.
  • Over 10K cases and 300+ deaths.
  • He’s ready to plan the gradual roll-out of recovery.
  • Seeing positive signs in MD. May be plateauing.
  • It’s required to wear a face mask whenever in a retail establishment or using public transportation. It’s also required that all personnel in these retail establishments wear face coverings. This takes effect Saturday.
  • Many counties already have these rules in place.
  • Four steps to recovery
    • Need testing capacity expanded to 10K per day
    • Increasing hospital surge capacity by 6K beds
    • Ramp up supply of PPE
    • Building a robust contact tracing program
  • MD has expanded it’s strike team capability to send health care professionals for help at assisted living facilities and orphanages.
  • Says additional federal assistance is required for funding. We will not be able to do all of the things we have to do. It will take longer to get back to work and force a reduction in critical services provided at the state level.
  • Recognizes Jimmy Bell, his ASL translator, as an unsung hero. He receives a Governor’s Citation for his service.
  • Contact tracers have been very successful in MD because so many people have been staying home.
  • Right now is not the moment to let up.
Trump Presser
  • Pretty much a campaign speech about how his judges have been held up.
  • Confirms withholding funds from WHO.
  • Says the WHO made a tragic mistake, may have known what they were doing.
  • Says the shelves in stores will be full unlike the shelves he inherited. The cupboards were bare.
  • Did a lot of calling with a lot of smart people.
  • Broadband for the middle of our country they haven’t had broadband in a very long time. They forgot about them.
  • Some states will open prior to the May 1 deadline.
  • Trump says he will exercise his authority to adjourn both chambers of Congress so he can appoint judges. (It is within his power. It certainly has never happened before).
  • Says he doesn’t know anything about his name being on the relief checks.
  • Borders are being controlled by states. Testing may be done at these borders.
  • 29 states are in very good shape.
  • Says Democrat partisanship has prevented the next part of the CARES act from passing.
  • Trump accuses NY of inflating numbers with heart attack deaths. Says we have more cases because we do more reporting.
  • Beats the WTO and WHO horse again towards the end. It’s dead. We’ve been treated so badly by these organizations. We pay $4-500 million a year.
  • 9 states with fewer than 1000 cases
  • Each individual state/metro area will be evaluated individually.
  • Continue to follow the guidelines.
  • There will be generalized guidelines put out but the individual Governors and Mayors will have to make decisions.
  • Says we will continue to offer our services around the globe. Her way of saying we’ll continue to spend on world health, just not through the WHO.
  • For some reason they invited survivors of C19 to the White House from all over the country. That’s weird.
  • Goes into how much appreciation Cuomo showed to the President.

Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome

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