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Smelson C19 News For The Weekend 4.19.2020


Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/19/2020


Through Out the Day


Northam with Tapper on CNN

  • This is time for leadership and truth.
  • He was pleased to sign seven pieces of gun legislation that will keep his citizens safe.
  • Virginia had 500 new cases today.
  • He’d like to see two weeks of key numbers trending down before reopening.
  • Question about testing capacity - Jake, that’s just delusional to make statements like that. We don’t even have enough swabs.

Hogan with Tapper

  • Now is the worst possible time to reopen.
  • My goal is to try and get reopened as quickly as possible.
  • We have increasing numbers every day in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • We have a detailed plan based on the federal guidelines and we’ve got detailed plans to reopen.
  • Question about testing capacity – I think this is probably the number one problem in America and has been since the start of this crisis. The administration is trying to ramp up the testing, but trying to push this off and saying that Governors need to just get to work is completely false. There are shortages on swabs and reagents. It is not accurate to say there is plenty of testing out there.
  • It’s not helpful to encourage demonstrations against the President’s own policies. To then encourage people to protest the exact policies that the President put in place isn’t helpful.

Whitmer with Tapper

  • Michigan has the 3rd highest death count in the country even though we’re the 10th most populous state.
  • As tough as this moment is, it will be devastating to have a second wave.
  • Question about testing capacity – swabs and reagents aren’t readily available. It would be incredibly helpful if the fed would implement the DPA to get these supplies.

Trump Presser

  • Says the labs are only at 30% (everyone needs the quick test from Abbott)
  • Trump shows the swab. Says they’ve shipped a lot and the Governors don’t know where they are.
  • No country is close to us.
  • Calls The Wall Street Journal a highly respected journal. Shows an article about himself.
  • Read the praise about himself to the press.
  • Reads how it took him a while to get aroused. Not kidding.
  • The Governors wanted total control over opening, but now they want the government to do the testing. He’s mistaken. They need help with the allocation of supplies, they don’t want the federal government to come in and do the testing.
  • Goes into his usual schtick – millions of people would have died. We shut down the whole country. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this.
  • Thanks Governor Cuomo, great relationship there. He’s worked very well with us.
  • He praises Newsome and says he said what he wanted to say, and he doesn’t let the press force him into saying something he didn’t want to say.
  • Puts a video on showing Cuomo that has no sound, then shows the wrong clip.
  • Continues on rambling about supply chain and what platform he ran on.
  • Goes into all his trade agreements.
  • Decides to read something he just found today, watching television. February 19th there was a Democratic debate in Las Vegas. The Pandemic wasn’t mentioned. (So what? They weren’t in charge of pandemic response.)


  • Tells the public to continue to heed the guidance of their Governors and mayors. (That means where a mask if you go out and stay home when you can regardless of what Trump tweets).
  • There will be a conference call tomorrow with all of the Governors to discuss the current status of testing equipment, determine where it is, and how to distribute it. (This is what should have happened much earlier in the game).

Trump Presser 4/19/20

  • When asked what he had to say about protestors he said some Governors have gone too far. He’s with everybody.
  • Specifically mentions the Governor of VA with regards to the 2nd
  • Says he’s got a list of Governors to talk to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.
  • Avoids specifically addressing a question about his “Liberate” tweets.
  • Goes back to the video with Cuomo which now has audio and apparently the clip he wanted to show.
  • CBS reporter picks at the scab of when did you know and why did you wait so long to institute the guidelines.
  • Editorial – reporters should think about how they treat puppies. You rub his nose in it once and then you stop. These reporters are really kind of rabid about it. I know some people will disagree, but that’s my thought.
  • Trump keeps saying how his administration and citizens have done such a great job flattening the curve and listening to the government, yet he’s not willing to disapprove publicly of the protesters and tweets things like “Liberate Michigan.”
  • Goes into Flynn, Cohen, how they were railroaded. Calls the investigators human scum.
  • Blames the faulty CDC test on Obama.
  • The stockpile was empty, the ventilators were bad, we even have Space Force!
  • Governors could get the equipment for testing themselves.
  • Reporter brings up Trump’s praise of Xi early on. Says you know who was duped? You, You were duped. You, Obama, and we stopped it.
  • You people are so pathetic at CNN.
  • I closed it long before Pelosi.
  • That's why your ratings are so bad. You're pathetic.
  • Yeah, I'm not a fan of Mitt Romney (on why he was left out of the re-opening task force). 

Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you

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