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Smelson C19 News for 4.20.2020

Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/20/2020
Through Out the Day
Happy 4/20 dudes!
  • US surpasses 40K deaths
  • Belgium has the highest per-capita death rate of 490/million vs. the US with 119/million.
Cuomo Presser
  • We’re seeing down trends in hospitalization, intubations,
  • Looks like we’re past the plateau. How long will it take? Nobody knows.
  • Three day average of deaths is still around 500.
  • The question shouldn’t be when and what do we reopen. We should learn from this and reimagine what we want society to be.
  • How do we do it better? We’re better after 9/11. We’re better after Superstorm Sandy.
  • Let’s use this time to make a plan to make everything better.
  • Federal funding needs to not only be for airlines, businesses, hotels, and financial industries, it needs to go to the states so they can fund their workers. All the essential workers are state/local employees.
  • It’s not an either/or, it should be an AND.
  • Proposes Federal bonus for front-line workers.
  • Our actions will determine our future and we won’t need to wait for the history books. Whatever we do know will be shown to us in two weeks.
  • The President is right that testing is up to the states in that the states will implement the test and coordinate the testing.
  • There is a supply chain issue with the national manufacturers providing the necessary equipment/chemicals for the tests. It’s not a money issue. The states can pay for the testing supplies. There is no availability due to the supply chain issues.
  • The best way the federal government can help is to unravel the testing supply chain. The supplies are proprietary. (Could invoking the DPA make the patents null?)
  • First trial results of the hydroxychloroquine tests will be sent to the FDA and CDC from NY’s hospitals today.
  • Made a deal with South Korea called Operation Enduring Friendship. This led to the acquisition of testing equipment with enough capacity to test 500K people.
  • Hogan’s wife was involved. Made a personal plea to S. Korean company.
  • This was the first Korean Air flight to ever land at BWI.
  • End of the prepared remarks - Most importantly, I’d like to thank my wife, the First Lady, and first Korean First Lady of any state. She was the champion of this operation.
  • Says the meeting with the federal Coronavirus Task Force was unproductive because all of the Governors knew what was available as far as labs go and that they are all Federal Labs, including things like Ft. Deitrich and NIH, that the Governors had previously requested testing capacity from but were refused.
  • He diplomatically refused to blame the Fed, saying he was thankful for what had been done by them so far.
Trump Presser
  • Tells everyone they need to maintain their stay-at-home plans and follow the guidance of their Governors.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of labs are ready, willing and able. He says Hogan didn’t understand the list, didn’t understand what was going on. (Not true. He knew, but wasn’t receiving help from the federal labs).
  • Says the press didn’t cover the ventilators fairly.
  • Shows a story by Rich Lowrey – how the media completely blew the Trump ventilator story. Shows another that’s titled, “The Ventilator Story That Wasn’t.”
  • Editorial – he wouldn’t have made the ventilators if he wasn’t shamed into it by the press.
  • He brought on the General form the Army Corp of Engineers in charge of building ad-hoc hospital spaces.
  • Talks about the wall at the southern border, how well constructed it is.
  • Shows the list of locations that Governors can use for testing. Over 5,000.
  • Says some day the history books will tell the true story. You won’t hear that now because of the fake news media.
  • Several times states how we’re on top of the ventilator game, not that we needed. Now it’s testing, testing, testing.
  • Says Hogan didn’t need to go to South Korea for tests, he just needed to get a little knowledge.
  • Trump says he didn’t get any of the CARES money.
  • Says they not only gave the Governors a list, but gave them a map so they can get the testing they need.
  • Says DeSantis called and said they’ve conducted over 270,000 tests. He was very pleased with that. Florida has over 21 million residents.
  • Pence assured the Governors that all of the Federal labs are open for their use.
  • There is enough testing capacity for every state in America to go to Phase 1 once they meet that criteria of 14 days of reduced cases and sufficient hospital capacity.
  • Says the fed will continue to support all efforts to secure the necessary equipment.
  • We told the Governors we’d support their efforts of social distancing and mitigation that have been so effective in this fight.
  • When asked why Hogan had to go overseas to get tests Pence says he wouldn’t begrudge him for ordering test then brings up the map of testing facilities again. What he assured them then and is assuring them now is they will open up those testing facilities. Note the future tense.
  • Current hot spots are Boston and Chicago.
  • Shows pictures of the testing machines.
  • Says she’s sure that the military bases/federal health operations will allow Governors to use their testing facilities.
  • Shows maps with dots illustrating all of the testing facilities.
  • Editorial: The Governors knew about these, but were not allowed to use them for testing.
  • We have asked every Governor to follow the reopening guidelines. (Except when Trump is tweeting for liberation).
  • We’re ready for Phase 1 and we’re not just planning for today. We’re planning 30/60/90 days out.

That’s about all I could take. Thanks for reading.

Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome – but if you don’t #nottooprettytomaskup

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