Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dave Hansen is Back in the US...and already working.

Frederik de Pue Appoints Dave Hansen To Be Operations Director of Bord’eau LLC
(Washington D.C. – Sept. 8, 2014) 
Frederik de Pue has appointed DC restaurant veteran Dave Hansen to be the Operations Director of Bord’Eau LLC, his company comprised of Table Restaurant, Market MBK, and 42° Catering.  Hansen has been tasked to fine-tune and perfect an already highly acclaimed stable of properties before turning an eye to new concepts and expansion into new territories.
Hansen says, “It is a very rare event to meet a chef-owner, with a massive pedigree behind them, with whom you feel you share both a creative vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence in guest experience.  When Chef Frederik offered this post it was absolutely a no-brainer for me to agree to the project.  When we sit down together, the collaborative energy is intense, and that makes for a very exciting environment in which to work and create.”
Sean Crowley
Award-Winning Public Affairs Specialist & Video Producer
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