Monday, August 18, 2014

Breezy Point Inn - Dive-y, With a Bonus!

The Breezy Point Inn
620 Jersey Ave.
Greenwood Lake, NY 10925

There's a story behind this one. 
I had to pick up my son who was staying with my stepfather in NY. So, rather than drive up and back from DC the same day I decided to go up the day before and check out this inn on Greenwood Lake, spend the night, and come back the next day with my son. He was visiting with his cousins and I didn't want to intrude on their cousin/grandparent time, so I booked a room at Breezy Point, which is just down the road.
I figured I'd have a nice dinner, a few drinks, take in the local culture, and maybe get some pix for a blog post. It worked out.
 I got to the restaurant around 2:00pm on Wednesday. I hadn't eaten, so I thought I'd grab a cocktail and an app. The Vorspeise Platte caught my eye. It consisted of  carrot‐celery root salad, beet‐red onion salad, cucumber‐dill salad, marinated mushrooms, plockwurst, liverwurst, kielbasa, brie cheese, blue cheese, and cheddar cheese. Interesting choices for the meats, but then again, this guy has all the schnitzels you could want on his menu. I haven't had liverwurst since I was a kid. It certainly brought back memories.
 I went to hang out with my family for a while, then when they went back to their place with all the kids I began my journey. It started with a bottle of Louis Jadot Chardonnay and some clams baked with breadcrumbs, garlic, herbs and bacon. Not the best, but far from the worst.
 I moved on to the clams in white wine/garlic sauce. Once again, not the best, not the worst. Middle of the road as far as I was concerned.
 Just to mix things up I moved to the land. One of the specials of the evening was a Beef Stroganoff. It was prepared using hunter's gravy. Interesting preparation, but not something I'd try to reproduce at home.
Then I figured it out. You really don't come here for the food. You come for the view.
Every cloud has a silver lining aye?
Thanks for reading.
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