Saturday, May 28, 2011

El Centro-DF

El Centro DF...Distrito Federal...or Federal District for those of you who don't have any Spanglish. I only had one meal here, and I was in a hurry, but it was tasty. What you see here is the beef tongue taco combo with pureed black beans and rice on the side. Very nice.

When you walk in you only see the front few tables, but there is an upstairs and a's very bohemian, but the chef knows what he's doing. This is a Sandoval restaurant and few do Mexican food as well as he does.

This is the kitchen you walk through to get to the rest of the restaurant. Very high-tech.

If you stop in be sure to try some of their ultra-high-end tequilas...they looked good but I was working and generally don't booze it up on Wendesday afternoon.....


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