Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jackson's Mighty Fine Food & Lucky Lounge

OK folks, welcome to the newest member of the Great American Restaurants family. It's a new sibling, but it's so much like the others it might as well be a fraternal twin.
In the world of restaurants, that's not necessarily a bad thing. That means that GAR has found a formula that works for them and they run with it. Every time. This particular unit is named for Bill Jackson, previously the corporate chef according to the Post, who passed away from ALS.

Here's what it looks like from the outside. There are two bars, one of which is open to the elements once the garage-style doors are up. There is ample seating both at the bar outside and the cocktail tables.
The place is cavernous on the inside. Plenty of waiting/drinking seats (they'll need them-we waited ten minutes for a table at 1:30pm).
Here's another view from the outside. It's remeniscent of a place in Raleigh that I used to like called the 42nd St. Oyster Bar. Note the huge parking garage on top of the restaurant. I'm sure it's meant to serve many of the surrounding businesses, but it's awfully convenient to Jackson's. There is no fee to park.

The food is better than average, though the prices are a little on the high side for what you're getting. We had the crab cake roll (good meat, but too much breading) and the lobster roll (I'm spoiled as I worked for Legal Seafoods. No one's lobster roll compares in my eyes.) Both sandwiches were served in what I can only describe as buns meant for cocktail weenies. I'm sure it's intended to be this way and is supposed to be charming and make the filling look abundant, but I like being able to pick up my roll and eat it.

Give it a shot...or any of their other restaurants for that matter. They've got the formula down.

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