Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm a celebrity celebs, that is.

Tony Bourdain at the DC Central Kitchen Food Fight '07.Michel Richard in his kitchen at Citronelle in the Latham Hotel.

It's difficult to describe the experience of sitting at the chef's table in the kitchen being served by this man and his staff. Mark Slater, THE Sommelier, is a wizard in his own right. The hotel GM, Joe Giannino, is also a master of hospitality. I met him first at Cafe Milano, then worked with him at mCafe/Famoso in Chevy Chase.

Vikram Garg at his former restaurant, Inde Bleu.

Vikram is a huge talent and will be missed in the DC Metro area. I believe he'll miss the heat and humidity after spending a few years in San Francisco and will come back to us. He's working with a company named American Karma out there opening a few restaurants.

That's enough celebs for now. I've got more in the vault and try to add more every week.

Keep eatin'.

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